About Us.



HAKI Africa is a national human rights organisation based in Mombasa working to improve livelihoods and enhance the progressive realisation of human rights in Kenya. Initiated in 2012, the organisation promotes partnership between state and non state actors in order to constantly improve the well being of individuals and communities and ensure respect for human rights and rule of law by all. Particularly, the organization seeks to agitate for the recognition and empowerment of local communities in Kenya to fully participate in rights and development initiatives with a view to improving the standards of living amongst all including the poor and marginalized.

While the word “Haki” is Swahili for “justice” or “human right”, we have given meaning to the four letters which to us stand for Humanity; Activism; Knowledge; and Integrity. Humanity stands for the desire to see human rights and dignity guaranteed to all. Activism is meant to get individuals and communities to be proactive in addressing issues that affect them. Knowledge is the organisation’s ambition to ignite a thirst for knowledge and to get rid of ignorance. Integrity is the aspiration to promote transparency and accountability across all levels of governance. HAKI Africa therefore stands for a transformation of the society to one where individuals and communities are free to participate in the advancement of their rights and development processes.

Strategic Objectives of HAKI Africa

  1. To empower the people at the grassroots, in particular the poor, weak, marginalised and vulnerable, to actively participate in the progressive realization of their human rights including the right to development.
  2. To provide a platform for engagement between state and non state actors and ensure their continued cooperation in national and local human rights and developmental processes.
  3. To organize communities and promote partnership between grassroot groups and community based organisations around issues of good governance, rule of law and sustainable development.
  4. To build the institutional capacity of HAKI Africa to become a premier human rights and developmental organization in Kenya and Africa.

Vision, Mission, Goal and Motto of HAKI Africa

Vision – A society that respects fundamental rights and freedoms for sustainable development.

Mission – To foster the progressive realization of human rights.

Goal – To have individuals and institutions who are enlightened about their rights and working together to enhance the development of their communities.

Motto – Enhancing the progressive realisation of human rights in Kenya and beyond.

Value and Guiding Principles of HAKI Africa

In all its plans, programmes, practices and activities, the organization will be guided by the following values and principles:

1. Human Dignity – respecting each person’s needs, views and concerns and seeking to ensure people’s inalienable rights and freedoms are promoted and protected individually and collectively.

2. Constitutionalism and Rule of Law – raising awareness of and adherence to the constitution and the laws of the land by all persons.

3. Transparency and Accountability – promoting integrity in individuals and communities while at the same time ensuring openness in the management of public resources.

4. Gender Parity and Equity – Ensuring both sexes have equal opportunities and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor by supporting the fair distribution of resources.

5. Partnership and Networking – enhancing cooperation between individuals and communities, organisations and institutions as well as state and non state actors