June 28, 2018

Alexender Monson Inquest

HAKI Africa commends today’s decision by the court to charge 5 police officers for the death of Alexander Monsoon. Alexander Monson died on 19th May 2012 […]
February 28, 2017

YEEP(Youth Engagement and Empowerment Project)

HAKI Africa engages youth in sporting activities like football tournaments and economic projects in order to address idleness and engage them in development processes. In the […]
February 28, 2017

SCORE(Strengthening Community Resilience Against Extremism)

SCORE seeks to address the root causes of conflict and countering violent extremism (CVE) and to reduce the allure of potentially radicalizing messages originally focusing in […]
February 28, 2017

WIFE(Women Initiative For Their Empowerment)

This project intends to bring women to the limelight so that they can actively engage in the promotion of human rights and security of their communities. […]
February 5, 2017

Introduction to Kenya Law

What is Law? Several definitions have been put forward to explain what law is. Generally, law is any set of rules that guide the conduct of […]
February 5, 2017

Mpeketoni Killings Report

This is the report of HAKI Africa’s human rights fact finding team to Mpeketoni following the chilling spate of killings that occurred during the month of […]