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February 5, 2017
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The Constitution

The Constitution is the supreme law of  the  land.  It  has  been  given priority  over  all  other  laws  both written and unwritten such that if any law is inconsistent  with  the  Constitution,  then that law becomes null and void to the extent of the inconsistency.

The Constitution sets out how a nation and its citizens are to be governed. It is a social contract between the people and those in authority. It brings unity in the country and ensures justice and equity for all its citizens without discrimination.

The Kenyan Constitution was promulgated in August 2010 and has 18 Chapters, 264 Articles and 6 Schedules. The biggest chapter in the Constitution of Kenya is Chapter 4 – Bill of Rights which provides in Article 20 (1) that the Bill of Rights applies to all law and binds all state organs and all persons.

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