Value & Guiding Principles

Value and Guiding Principles of HAKI Africa

In all its plans, programmes, practices and activities, the organization will be guided by the following values and principles:

1. Human Dignity – respecting each person’s needs, views and concerns and seeking to ensure people’s inalienable rights and freedoms are promoted and protected individually and collectively.

2. Constitutionalism and Rule of Law – raising awareness of and adherence to the constitution and the laws of the land by all persons.

3. Transparency and Accountability – promoting integrity in individuals and communities while at the same time ensuring openness in the management of public resources.

4. Gender Parity and Equity – Ensuring both sexes have equal opportunities and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor by supporting the fair distribution of resources.

5. Partnership and Networking – enhancing cooperation between individuals and communities, organisations and institutions as well as state and non state actors.