Vision & Mission

VisionA society that respects fundamental rights and freedoms for sustainable development.
This vision is informed by our desire to see people enjoying their rights and freedoms to the fullest in an environment that promotes developments in all spheres.

MissionTo foster the progressive realization of human rights.
This mission seeks to entrench human rights based approaches in all social, economic and political aspects in order to constantly improve livelihoods.

GoalTo have individuals and institutions who are enlightened about their rights and working together to enhance the development of their communities.
This goal aims at mobilizing and empowering persons and groups to be at the forefront of agitating for their rights and those of others in their midst.

MottoEnhancing the progressive realisation of human rights in Kenya and beyond.
This motto is a rallying call to the organization, its Directors and staff, stakeholders and partners to work together for the attainment of a human rights responsive society in Kenya and beyond…