Strategic Objectives of HAKI Africa

  • To empower the people at the grassroots, in particular the poor, weak, marginalised and vulnerable, to actively participate in the progressive realization of their human rights including the right to development.
  • To provide a platform for engagement between state and non state actors and ensure their continued cooperation in national and local human rights and developmental processes.
  • To organize communities and promote partnership between grassroot groups and community based organisations around issues of good governance, rule of law and sustainable development.
  • To build the institutional capacity of HAKI Africa to become a premier human rights and developmental organization in Kenya and Africa.


Vision – A society that respects fundamental rights and freedoms for sustainable development.

Mission – To foster the progressive realization of human rights.

Goal – To have individuals and institutions who are enlightened about their rights and working together to enhance the development of their communities.

Motto – Enhancing the progressive realisation of human rights in Kenya and beyond.