Youth Leadership Training Cohort 2

Youths continue to be left out of important conversations on security particularly extremism and radicalisation. This can be attributed to the lack of spaces and opportunities for youths. Where opportunities are available, young women, men and communities have shunned away from engaging meaningfully because they do not have adequate capacity or knowledge and they do not feel that these spaces are conducive enough to encourage participation.

HAKI Africa in partnership with Search for Common Ground its implementing its INUKA project – a youth focused project that promotes peacebuilding actions across the coastal region of Kenya. The project object is to increase the effectiveness and inclusiveness of community peace and security efforts involving vulnerable and marginalised youth in Coastal Kenya.

Today HAKI Africa is holding a cohort 2 training of young people from vulnerable and marginalized communities. The 3 days training is with sessions addressing topics like effective communication, consensus-building, problem-solving and dispute resolution; non-adversarial advocacy, leadership, and peacebuilding approaches to transforming violent extremism (TVE).

Last year HAKI Africa held its first training under the project. Cohort 1 graduates were then used to train the rest of the youth including the one at the grassroots. Having completed a successful training HAKI Africa is looking forward to building stronger nations through more youth training and offering safe spaces.