HAKI Africa has partnered with community movements of young human rights defenders from informal settlements who promote social justice in their communities. The foundation of these movements is to establish spaces where communities can come and organize, collaborate, discuss and reflect on the human rights violations they endure to document them and campaign for change.

These justice centres are also meant to link locals with justice actors to enhance peace and security in the communities.

While HAKI Africa brings on board non-state actors, including the civil society, religious institutions and communities and at-risk individuals with their families, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) mobilises state institutions and actors — the police, the Judiciary, probation and prisons. The two sides then sit together to address the bottlenecks within the justice system that impede access to justice.

The work done is towards building faith in the justice system so communities can run to justice centres which provide the linkages with state actors when they have problems. It is important for communities to understand the police, the prosecution, the Judiciary, prisons, probation, etc exist to serve the people.

Below are some of the community human rights organizations and justice centres that work closely with HAKI Africa.


Head Office

Mji wa Kale, Mikindani Rd, Mvita

General Enquires

Phone: +254755000555

Operation Hours

Mon-Fri: 08.30 to 06.00 (Saturday and Sunday: Closed)