HAKI Africa is a leading human rights organization that receives complaints of human rights abuses from members of the public on a daily basis. The complaints are usually reported by victims of violations by state and non-state actors. On average, the organization receives cases every day ranging from serious cases of extra judicial killings and disappearances to cultural cases of witchcraft to domestic issues of abuse and children welfare. Through its Swift Action (SWAT) program, HAKI Africa assists those whose rights have been violated to get justice and ensure the violators face the law and understand the seriousness of their actions. While the organization always seeks to bring understanding first between the parties, when it comes to criminal matters such as rape and/or defilement, all matters are first reported to police and then in partnership with the police they are followed up to their logical conclusion.

Through its Swift Action program, HAKI Africa has been able to effectively document human rights violation cases in the Coast region. It has been able to promote human rights through provision of legal aid to different communities. Through its maintained database of human rights violations, the organisation has from time to time been relied on for reference by the media, human rights organisations and security authorities in addressing these cases. This has created a strong working relationship between the stakeholders and has helped to highlight the region’s grievances widely.