HAKI Africa engages youth in sporting activities like football tournaments and economic projects in order to address idleness and engage them in development processes. In the process, talents are nurtured as well as violent extremism and radicalization reduced. HAKI Africa uses extra-curricular activities as a mobilizing factor and a platform to disengage youth from drivers of violent and criminal activities. The organization also engages secondary schools in Mombasa County in debate competitions on matters of human rights and security, gender, culture, drug abuse, devolution and peace among others. The outcome of this engagements is immense as all stakeholders report the positive impact on the youth. As a matter of fact, since HAKI Africa began the engagement of youth in sports, many other civil society organizations have seen the positive results and have themselves emulated the strategy in their programs. In moving forward HAKI Africa wants to build on the successes of our work and ensure sustainability of youth engagement and empowerment. This project seeks to move on from mere sports engagement to chatting a new way of life for the youth that is development based. The implementation of this project will do exactly that and usher in a new era in Mombasa where youth are the custodians of peace and security as well as development.